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Taste, quality and that special touch that only Maestro can offer!
The exact mix of mozzarella and provolone, fresh sauce and the best crispy crust prepared with Pureza flour are the perfect combination of a delicious and popular pizza. Prepared with high quality raw materials, with Pietro satisfaction is guaranteed for those looking for an outstanding pizza.


NEW! Frozen pizzas with a pizza master touch.


Pan Árabe x5

Pan de Pizza

Pizza Refrigerada de Mozzarela

Pizza Refrigerada de Mozzarella y Jamón

Fugazzeta Italian Pizza

Italian Vegetables Integral Pizza

Ham, Sweet Red Pepper and Mozzarella Italian Pizza

Individual Mozzarella Pizza

Thin Crust Mozzarella Pizza + Pizza Bread

Thin Crust Mozzarella Pizza

Medium Crust Mozzarella Pizza

Thin Crust Mozzarella and Ham Pizza

Thin Crust Calabrese Pizza

Focaccia Alla Pala


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