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Cañuelas Oils

Cañuelas oils are 100 per cent pure, and have been traditionally part of the Argentine families’ everyday life. Cañuelas has an exclusive packaging that features an ergonometric design to ensure a good grip, and a dispenser spout that prevents unwanted spilling and improves oil use.


ESSENTIAL Variety and quality of 100 percent pure oils


Cañuelas Sunflower Vegetable Cooking Spray High Oleic

Cañuelas Olive Vegetable Cooking Spray

Cañuelas Sunflower Oil

Cañuelas High Oleic Sunflower Oil

Cañuelas Corn Oil

Cañuelas Blend of High Oleic Sunflower Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cañuelas Extra Classic Virgin Olive Oil

Cañuelas Extra Mild Virgin Olive Oil

Cañuelas Extra Strong Virgin Olive Oil


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